Sunday, February 27, 2011

CelebrityDom: Stressful or Worthwhile?

Being a popular celebrity that's always in the spotlight has got to be one of the more daunting tasks in the history of civilization! Constantly navigating thru the throngs of annoying, aggressive paparazzi & crazed, yet adoring, autograph-seeking fans on a daily basis has to be ultra-stressful to deal with. There's zero privacy, even during downtime, & you're always protected by bodyguards 'round the clock. You are most likely to be deemed by the general public as being "untouchable" & "unapproachable" for the most part. I, still learning the nuances of the media game, find "celebrity-dom" fascinating in so many aspects. How were the late King of Pop Michael Jackson and legendary groups such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Temptations able to maintain their sanity? How do current popular celebs such as Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie cope with all of the madness?

And so I pose this question to you all: If you were in the public eye as a well-known celebrity, how would YOU handle the fame & newfound fortune? Would "celebrity-dom" drive you crazy or keep you humble?

Friday, February 25, 2011


Thursday, 2/24/2K11

The Denver Nuggets defeated the Eastern Conference-leading Boston Celtics 89-75, ending the last 6:05 of the game on a 16-0 run to seal the victory. Kenyon Martin scored 18 points & grabbed 10 boards despite playing with flu-like symptoms. Newest Nugget Wilson Chandler scored 16 points in his debut. The other former NY Knicks Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari & Timofey Mozgov also made their Denver debuts as well. With the loss of an offensive super-talent like Carmelo Anthony, the new look Nuggets will now be transformed into a more defensive-oriented team. There's a ton of talent now in place at every position & without Carmelo Anthony, I think Coach George Karl will do a nice job getting these players to play extra hard & solidify their playoff standing in the Western Conference.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Wednesday, 2/23/2K11

The additions of both NBA superstar forward Carmelo Anthony & veteran PG Chauncey Billups will truly help All-Star PF Amar'e Stoudemire in a major way for the remainder of the season as the Knicks make their push towards a playoff berth. Anthony scored 27 points on 10-25 shooting & grabbed 10 rebounds as the Knicks beat the Milwaukee Bucks at Madison Square Garden, 114-108. Mr. Big Shot scored 21 points, handed out 8 assists & grabbed 6 boards in the win for NY.
While the additions of both Anthony & Billups are great, team defense will still have to be a vital part in them being a truly contending team in the NBA in spite of their offensive talents. Trading away young forwards Wilson Chandler & Danilo Gallinari, along with talented PG Raymond Felton hurts them a tad defensively. Hopefully with the new adds, they will get it together in due time.